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If you want to master Photoshop, get a book on the subject. This book is only for the basics that you need to learn in order to get the most out of it, and by no means is this a complete reference to Photoshop. Some key Photoshop tutorials Learn how to learn Photoshop using the tutorials available on its website at ``. Use Photoshop for Design by the pros at ``. If you want to learn Photoshop from scratch, check out Photoshop for Dummies, by Matthew Mullenax and Ken Hiebert, and Digital Photography for Dummies, by Richard Swain. Figure 1-1: After you create your image, you can scale, crop, resize, flip, and rotate it using the Crop tool and its options. Photoshop offers a variety of drawing tools for creating outlines and shading, which enable you to draw or paint on your photographs. The program also offers brushes, which are a set of predefined tools that you can apply to an image to give it a look and texture. Figure 1-2 shows how to add a new layer by clicking the New Layer icon (a paper clip with a plus sign). Adding a layer enables you to apply different looks and colors to an image and enables you to go back to a specific color. Figure 1-2: You can select a new color for your layer by clicking the color swatch or text box in the layer window. You can work with images the size of a page or in a much larger window. You may be able to select the content of your document as a background by clicking the None option in the view options and then clicking the Background Color button. To add an image as a new layer, right-click the document and choose Add Layer from the menu. To turn off the background color of the document or to add a background, click the Background Color button at the top of the Photoshop workspace. Figure 1-3 shows a page of a book and the instructions for making it into a high-resolution PDF. Figure 1-3: First you convert the entire book page into a PDF using the Print Screen key. Using Photoshop Elements Photoshop Elements is a basic version of Photoshop, and it’s a great tool for those who don’t need the full power of Photoshop. For this reason, it’s the best choice for many

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What is Photoshop Elements? Elements is a brand of graphic design software developed and marketed by Adobe that combines photo editing software with other tools that could be found in a traditional graphics design suite, such as image-saving software and a color picker. Features of Adobe Photoshop Elements Drawing tools: If you are planning on using the program to edit images, you will surely need to use the drawing tools. The tools in the drawing menu in the image windows are pretty similar to those of Photoshop and are very useful in sketching and creating new images. The only tool that you won’t find there is the eyedropper. Coloring tools: One of the main features of Elements is the ability to adjust the colors of images. These tools aren’t the same as the tool in Photoshop, but you can use them in combination with the Pencils and Brushes for paint effects or even for colorizing scanned images. There is also the Colorize tool for adding depth to images. Saving tools: Elements offers a few saving tools, which means that you will be able to save edited images to a different format, a new layer or even a whole new image. There’s also the option to Save As, which can make it more simple to save an image. Filter tools: Elements also has some filters to make changes to an image, such as the Brush tool. You can also use an image editor to do it yourself. Slideshow: It is pretty obvious that Elements has a slideshow tool. This feature lets you add a transition effect and adds a music background to your images. Editing tools: Just like Photoshop, Elements comes with many tools for modifying images, including the Adjustment tool, the Pencil tool, and the Gradient tool. There are also features such as clone and healing that have an easier interface. Portrait tools: Elements has a Portrait tool that can be used to highlight your subject and make the image interesting. Effects tools: Elements also has tools for adding effects to your images, such as 3D, Dimensional, Watercolor and Oil, among others. Web tools: The software that most people use to design websites is very similar to Photoshop. It even has the same interface. Elements, however, has tools that are better suited for web design than those in Photoshop, such as the Transfomer. Slideshow: Saving tools 05a79cecff

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Theatre movement A theatre movement or play movement is a group of members who practice theatre together in a continuous and ad-hoc working relationship. In contrast to a theatrical company, a theatre movement is not a company which shows its productions on a regular basis, nor is it a very permanent arrangement in which all members get to work together on a consistent basis. A theatre movement is considered less formal than a collective and may include members who only get together once, a few times, or only occasionally. Theatre movements may be ad hoc and temporary, or permanent, usually with a history spanning multiple generations. The members may also have varying interests in the theatre that they work in, or a common interest. A theatre movement differs from a theatre collective in that it does not attempt to collect a large fund, to draw up a charter, to assess the viability of the ventures before them, to manage themselves financially, to run the business, to advertise, or to present productions where the members feel they do not have enough power. A theatre movement is usually focused around a particular style, genre, or discipline of the theatre. The canon of a particular theatre movement is usually defined by the plays, performances, performers, directors, and venues that the members regularly produce. The lines between movements are often blurred. For example, Dans Le Noir is a theatre movement within the French theatre, whereas the troupe also has links to the avant-garde movement. Theatre movements are usually less hierarchical than organisations of the same name. If a group is drawn from a large company and has only one show, they are likely to be run by the company’s press department. This can also be the case of a theatre company which has only one show on at any one time, such as the Adjournment Theatre Company, or another theatre company which frequently performs many shows with many different actors. Not every organization with the name ‘theatre movement’ is actually a movement in itself. Many are actually performance groups, in a context such as cabaret or burlesque, or even just the director of a company. Names There is no authoritative list of theatre movements. The following is a list of some of the more well-known theatre movements of the 20th century, with a list of the names of the movements and the country or state where they are active. This list is not intended to be an authoritative list of theatre movements but rather a guide to the way that these movements appear in

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